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"Dog RLN pregnancy test kit ". A canine pregnancy test kit is a specialized diagnostic tool designed to identify the presence of relaxin, a hormone produced by the ovaries during pregnancy in female dogs. The testing process involves collecting a urine sample from the dog, which is then applied to a dedicated strip containing relaxin-binding antibodies. 


  • user-friendly approach
  • delivering results in 10 minutes
  • as accurate as a vet appointment but without hassel


Canine pregnancy test kit, with the likes of the Tarinn offering swift results, serves as a convenient and informative tool for those navigating the exciting journey of canine parenthood, ensuring both accuracy and the well-rounded care of our cherished four-legged companions.



Q1: How does Tarinn's RLN Test Kit work?
A: Tarinn's RLN Test Kit works by detecting the presence of Relaxin, a hormone produced by the ovaries during pregnancy, in a dog's urine or blood sample. The kit contains specialized strips with Relaxin-binding antibodies that react to the hormone, providing quick and accurate results.


Q2: Is the RLN Test Kit suitable for all dog breeds?
A: Yes, the RLN Test Kit is designed to be effective for all dog breeds. Whether you have a small companion or a large breed, the kit's sensitivity allows for reliable results across various dog types.


Q3: Can I use the RLN Test Kit at home, or does it require professional assistance?
A: The RLN Test Kit is designed to be user-friendly, and dog owners can use it at home. The clear instructions make the testing process simple, and results are typically available within 10 minutes.


Q4: How early in the pregnancy can the RLN Test Kit detect results?
A: The RLN Test Kit is known for its high sensitivity, enabling early detection of pregnancy in dogs. It can provide reliable results in the early stages, contributing to timely care and preparations.

Q5: Can the RLN Test Kit be used for other purposes besides pregnancy detection?
A: The RLN Test Kit is specifically designed for canine pregnancy detection and may not be suitable for other diagnostic purposes. It is recommended to use the kit as intended for the most accurate results.


Q6: Is there any test promise?

A:If the accuracy of tarinn product measurements is not as promised, please contact us. We will resolve the issue with you immediately.

Canine Relaxin RLN Rapid Test Kit

SKU: TR1014102


    • Swift Detection

    • Accurate Diagnosis

    • Timely Intervention

    • User-Friendly Design

    • Reliable Performance

    • Effective Disease Control

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