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Caring for Pets, Together

Together, we help pets lead fuller lives by giving veterinarians the tools, technology, and insights they need to see clearly and get the answers they need. Through our combined efforts, we foster one health, one life, one planet.


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Dog Pregnancy Test

No needles, no stress, accurate results. pupbel™ makes life easier for both you and your furry friend. Our test kit includes everything you need to perform the pregnancy test at home in just 10 minutes – with a 98% accuracy rate.



Tarinn Inc. US is a global health company committed to both human and animal well-being. We develop, manufacture, and commercialize diagnostics, medicines, nutrition supplements and other technologies for companion animals and livestock.

Our team have been specializing in pet diagnosis and treatment for 12 years. We offer high-quality and innovative pet diagnostic kits that have dominated the markets in Vietnam, South Asia. We also have advanced R&D centers in Korea, Portugal, and China, and we collaborate with global partners in Europe, Turkey, Korea and other regions to provide IVD products and services. We have sold more than 100 million diagnostic kits worldwide.

We have also proven our excellence in the COVID-19 pandemic, as we were among the first 21 IVD companies who passed the rigorous verification by the German Paul-Ehrlich-Institute. Our products have been validated by large-scale clinical studies and endorsed by the EU HSC Health Committee as one of the best options in the EU Common List A(Test-Id: 1295). We have secured contracts for millions of test kits from governments within the European Union. 


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